Laser Sharp Presentation that hit the bull's eye of your business

understanding your needs quickly and thoroughly Guava fuses crisp content into cool designs to craft your winner deck!

We're communicators.
We just happen to be doing presentations.

Presentation design guava is the fruit of a handful of MBA’s, engineers and creative artists based in India coming together to pursue a hunch they had : the world could present thoughts and ideas with more clarity, flair and empathy.

  • Inspired by the TED style of relatable presentations
  • Experienced team with Tech, business and language expertise
  • Personalized service going beyond the call of duty
  • Presently diversifying into branding plus consultancy services

Listen. Question. Understand. Brainstorm. Discover. Design.
Fine-tune. And Present.

The Design guava views the process of presentation design as a process of soul-searching. Our Client meetings are opportunities for both parties to think beyond the mundane, to review, redraw and re-present the company, product or idea from a fresh perspective.

Though a convincing presentation is built using words and images, we believe it is one’s own clarity and conviction that ultimately convinces others.

We help channel this conviction into the presentation by quizzing our Clients using simple techniques such as Socratic questioning.

When such conviction is supplemented with tangible evidence and true statistics, the case is as good as won. At Design Guava, it is our commitment to help our Clients craft winner decks.

Design. Fine-tune. Present.

We involve our design team early so that the story and design together and merge in synergy like good lyrics and music do. We also assist the Client in simulating the presentation delivery if so requested.

Brainstorm. Discover.

We leverage our team strengths and cross-domain knowledge to research, brainstorm and fill the gaps, finally catching a solid line of reasoning that would address most of the target audience’s questions and allay their concerns

Presentation Design

Companies, like people, have their unique identity. At Designguava we dive under the surface to find the right match of themes, fonts and colors for you. We do product labels, websites and office stationery branding.


Designguava  studies everything – target buyers, their pain points, your product and its direct and indirect benefits. We even play the devil’s advocate on occasion. All this to craft a strong sales pitch that wins battles for you.

Web Development

Designguava provide the best website design and development. A good quality website helps clients to effectively pick choose and order your products online millions of people search for products and services

Know us..

Our Company

Investment Decks , Product Presentations , Company Profiles , Marketing Sales Pitched and Collateral design to client , Textile, Fashion Design & E-commerce Setup, marketing research, Shopify setup…

Investment Decks

Seeing through your investor's glasses, we shape your business idea with its USP's, financials and growth plans into the next happening thing in town that they'd be excited to invest in.

Product Presentations

Textiles, Fashion, FMCG goods, digital apps : whatever be your solution area, Our services reveals in seeing it from all angles. Clients have opened that we helped them see their own products in a new light!

Company Profiles

We walk the extra mile with you, digging deep to discover your company's "Why". Building on this bedrock, we reflect on current market situation and decisively spotlight your unique value proposition to the world.

Marketing Sales Pitches

Designguava studies everything - target buyers, their pain points, your product and its direct and indirect benefits. We even play the devil's advocate on occasion. All this to craft a strong sales pitch that wins battles for you.

Collateral Design

Rejuvenate your website and content with our support and make them fresh again to boost your sales pitch. Integrate with e-commerce and be visible to more customers all over the world. We are happy to make your profile even much bigger for you...

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Our Customers have been improved and are happy with what we get from Design Guava team..

Karthik Thangavel
Real Relief International Pvt.Ltd

We, jayanitha traders had a beautiful and customised website and portfolio to attract customers.. Well done Design Guava..

Surjith R.

Design Guava is keen in knowing our needs and they deliver the best …It is good to know them as well…

Sathyaa Textiles, India